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Radegast 2.25 Release

cinderblocks/ October 25, 2017/ Release Notes/ 2 comments

Radegast 2.25 has been released! The majority of this update contains improvements made “under the hood” that you likely won’t notice, but they are improvements none-the-less. I was made aware of a bug in the 2.24 release on our bug tracker and a solution to the issue (in most cases at least.) Where HUDs and 3D mode were not working

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Radegast 2.24 Release

cinderblocks/ July 15, 2017/ Release Notes/ 6 comments

Greetings and salutations, I are pleased to present to you Radegast-ng 2.24 which comes with it several updates and fixes by myself and nooperation. First and foremost, this release comes with a tarball that can be used on non-Windows platforms, i.e. Linux! I have not tested it on Linux, but it would be lovely if you would, and if you

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