Unable to use Avatar Name Links in chat since 2.30

/ February 13, 2020/ / 0 comments

1) Preferences > Avatar name links > enable (tick) 2) Participate in a chat, be it Local or Group. 3) Click on a name of another participant in chat (name link preceding their message). What USED TO and SHOULD happen: Profile floater appears. Since 2.30 this feature no longer works. Clicking on a profile name link does nothing, now. Corollary:

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Main window doesn’t always change when switching tabs

/ February 12, 2020/ / 1 comments

Occasionally, when switching to a different tab, the main window doesn’t update to display the contents of the new tab. For example, if I have a group chat open, then switch to another group chat, the old group chat’s text remains, rather than the one I switched to. This makes it necessary to click the tab again in order to

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