Add “Undeform Avatar” functionality

/ September 5, 2020/ / 0 comments

We all know that changing between some kinds of avatars (e.g. petite to normal-size, or animal to human) leads to deformation of the avatar shape, even in the regular viewer. While relogging often fixes this, there’s now an “Undeform Avatar” option in the viewer. I’d like to see this implemented in Radegast, if possible.


/ August 31, 2020/ / 0 comments

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/ August 15, 2020/ / 0 comments

Buenas noches, al dejar algun grupo y eliminarlo en radegast.. no se borra por completo siguen apareciendo chat mensajes del grupo borrado

Chat history storage location

/ July 22, 2020/ / 0 comments

As far as I can tell there is no way to point to a location you want chat history to be stored. I like to keep all mine in a central location on a different drive for easy backup using different clients.

Please a good and easy version for MAC!

/ June 4, 2020/ / 1 comments

I have years using Radegast and I love it so much, now my husband gift me a MAC and I love my Mac so much too, but I find the Mac version is very very hard to install and make it works and is very frustated and sad, Radegasts is the best light and text viewer SL, there isn’t any

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