Radegast is currently only officially supported on the Windows .NET 4.7.2 platform.

Exe installer bundles all dependancies needed to run (.NET and the C++ redistributable.) It is preferred to install using exe. If you are confident your system meets the framework requirements and wish to use MSI instead, it is provided.

Linux and Mac tarball is considered experimental only. On Linux, you will need at least Mono 5.12.x, 6.x is preferred. Linux/MacOS compatibility pull requests and setup documentation are welcome!

Latest Release

Radegast 2.33 – 3 Feb 2021

Older Releases

  • 2.32 (windows exemsi) (tbz) – 12 Feb 2020
  • 2.31 (windows exemsi) (tbz) – 9 Feb 2020
  • 2.30 (windows exemsi) (tbz) – 26 Jan 2020

Upgrading from v2.29? Uninstall the older version first!

Versions 2.29 and earlier compatible with .NET 4.6.2.

Radegast Voicepack for 2.29 and earlier