This is a list of commandline arguments that may be supplied when launching Radegast.

OptionFlagDescription of option
--username-uUsername, use quotes to supply "Firstname Lastname"
--autologin-aAutomatically login with provided user credentials
--grid-gGrid ID to connect to, try --list-grids to see IDs used for this parameter
--helpDisplay these options
--list-gridsList grid IDs consumed by --grid option
--location-lLogin location: home, last, or region name. Region name can also be in format regionname/x/y/x
--loginuriUse this URI to login (cannot be used with --grid)
--no-soundDisable sound
--password-pAccount password
--versionDisplay version information
Example usage: The Second Life main grid (agni) Radegast.exe -a -g agni -u "Some Resident" -p "secret" -l last