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Radegast 2.25 Release

cinderblocks/ October 25, 2017/ Release Notes/ 2 comments

Radegast 2.25 has been released! The majority of this update contains improvements made “under the hood” that you likely won’t notice, but they are improvements none-the-less. I was made aware of a bug in the 2.24 release on our bug tracker and a solution to the issue (in most cases at least.) Where HUDs and 3D mode were not working

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Radegast 2.24 Release

cinderblocks/ July 15, 2017/ Release Notes/ 6 comments

Greetings and salutations, I are pleased to present to you Radegast-ng 2.24 which comes with it several updates and fixes by myself and nooperation. First and foremost, this release comes with a tarball that can be used on non-Windows platforms, i.e. Linux! I have not tested it on Linux, but it would be lovely if you would, and if you

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Radegast 2.23 Release

cinderblocks/ June 1, 2017/ Release Notes/ 8 comments

This is just a small update updating internal libraries and switching website addresses to the new website, but you will want to download this update! While it isn’t loaded with goodies, it is the return of the updater meaning you can always stay up to date with the latest version of Radegast. Enjoy! The Windows installer can be downloaded right

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Radegast 2.22.0 Release

cinderblocks/ May 17, 2017/ Release Notes/ 4 comments

Greetings greetings, I am pleased to present Radegast 2.22.0 Release for Windows and wish to welcome you to our new website. Things are still being setup while we are moving into it. I have not been able to find anyone with access to the old site in order for me to transfer everything over, so this is what you get.

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