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Using Radegast for BOTS (casperlet, group invite, chat bot)

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Dear all, I am a BIG Radegast enthusiat and fan. I wish I could use only radegast for all my SL experience, but I am having trouble using it for my bots management. I absolutely HATE corrade - they are so criptic about everything ad they hate non expert users like myself. No support whatsoever and complicated setup. Anyway: if I could be able to use radegast to the following things, that would be great: 1) Casper Let integration - Manage a group invitation to people who rent (pay the board) so they can start building (rezz permitions), evict and return obejcts and so on... they have all sorts of programs but NOT the best: Radegast. Their documentation is available at: 2) Easier chat bot setup and different chat bots integration (pandorabot etc) - I'm trying to use the built in plugin but when I click "enable" it does nothing and does not enable... I'd also suggest better tutorials on using radegast as a bot in SL. How to implement automation? How to setup a chatbot? I did find a guide on using SL scripting for use with radegast on your webpage but it is really small and we would all benefit from a more substancial material (more examples, etc) especially for us non experts but Sl and radegast lovers 😉 Thank you so much for your kind attention. I am really hoping to see some other features implemented in the next versions of this already SPECTACULAR software!


  1. I want that too, use my radegast bots for casperlet and maybe caspervent, they have the metabolt viewer but it is outdate and use a smartbos is too expansive and i not want give away the login password

  2. This is a good candidate for a plugin.

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