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Please a good and easy version for MAC!

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I have years using Radegast and I love it so much, now my husband gift me a MAC and I love my Mac so much too, but I find the Mac version is very very hard to install and make it works and is very frustated and sad, Radegasts is the best light and text viewer SL, there isn't any viewer like Radegast and is a shame there is not a good Mac version. Please! we need an easy Mac version, please!!!

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  1. There’s a few bugs in the Mac version, but if you install XQuartz first, then the Mono version recommended by Radegast (2.10.9) then it should work fine.
    One bug but you can work around it: after using the menus once, the mouse does not acitvate the command. to work around, use the arrow keys to navigate the menu once you pull it down.


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