20 thoughts on “Error opening the login server connection. The input string has the wrong format.

  1. had exactly the same trouble this morning, i was using not the last radegast, so i tried to update, exactly the same error as you ( yesterday too all was ok

  2. On Betagrid i can Login without any Problems, only on Maingrid it doesnt work.
    That i see when i´m using the Debug Console:
    11:20:01 [DEBUG]: – No crash marker file C:\Users\USer\AppData\Roaming\Radegast\crash_marker found
    11:20:01 [DEBUG]: – Successfully created and locked marker file C:\Users\USer\AppData\Roaming\Radegast\crash_marker
    11:20:01 [INFO]: – Reporting normal shutdown of the last application run to the grid login service
    11:20:01 [DEBUG]: – Marking start of execution run, creating file: C:\Users\USer\AppData\Roaming\Radegast\crash_marker
    11:20:07 [DEBUG]: – Marking end of execution run, deleting file: C:\Users\USer\AppData\Roaming\Radegast\crash_marker

  3. same “Error opening the login server connection. The input string has the wrong format. ´´ only happen me with a alt, so idk why happen, i read about could be for a folder with much numbers but i didnt saw nothing in inventory, so idk why , happen since last 3 updates at the same account

  4. This is problematic as I can’t reproduce the issue on any of my accounts. Does someone have an alt account experiencing this that they would trust me to login with for a day to get this fixed? If so, contact me in Second Life, Cinder Roxley.

  5. Maybe this will shine some light on things Cinder, i checked my PC and it has dot net version

    461814 – .NET Framework 4.7.2 (On all Windows operating systems other than Windows 10 April 2018 Update and Windows Server, version 1803)

    And c++ version (x64 and x86 versions) 14.13.26020

    I haven’t done any test to get on the beta grid and such, because i had to get my bot online asap so i just installed the good old 2.18

    1. Yes, it helps to know what version of .NET you are running.

      My assumption right now is something is getting returned in the login response that isn’t being parsed correctly. However, this is only happening with certain accounts receiving this specific reply. If all else fails, I will build a special version with verbose logging to track it down, but really it would be much easier if I can catch the exception in the debugger and see exactly what is throwing it off.

  6. Maybe ask Gayngel to help you log with the debugger, i had a chat with him in SL earlier where he confirmed having the same problem. I cannot really go back and forth on versions as i rely on my bot being online.

  7. i read you and followed lynn, re installing 2.18 now it is ok for me
    about the “Error opening the login server connection”
    i tried with 4 differents alt, my principal and second alt
    and asked my wife to try with hers
    each of them on different sim and failed the same

  8. hi cinder, all the avi’s i tested works fine with sl viewer official and singularity, we mostly use singularity , the funny is that , as the person who send the first post, that radegast was completly ok yesterday and …error this morning ?+?
    had a windows update ( win10) but 3 weeks ago, since , i checked nothing new has been installed
    now the alt is log with radegast 2.18
    ( i created and manage the french singularity group and radegast is perfect for this alt he just need a group access and the moderation functions,)
    his inventory is ok and he raised properly
    i just take this picture of him now
    ( sorry my english is poor, but i hope it can help ?)
    bests regards

  9. Take a look at this:


    I changed my region settings (under additional date, time and region settings) to English* (Australian) and Australia and then changed back to English (United States) and United States. For the first time I was able to save and import Excel data without the issue.

    My friend has the same problem, she’s using an NPC client that contains Radegast code from an update a few years back (she gets the same error with Radegast), and the error isn’t present when older versions of either PORT (the NPC client) or Radegast are used. Both of us use PORT, but at this time, she’s the only one having problems logging her “crew” into SL. She hasn’t confirmed whether this solution worked for her, but it’s worth a try.

    1. This is quite interesting and could partially explain why an account that did not work on someone else’s computer worked on mine. Will keep this in mind if there are future issues. All should be well in 2.32

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