Radegast GitHub Repo links to wrong URL

/ July 2, 2020/ / 0 comments

The radegast GitHub Repo at https://github.com/cinderblocks/radegast shows the project website as radegast.org in the sidebar, but that website does not seem to be related to the radegast project at all.

digital Darwinian

/ June 8, 2020/ / 0 comments

Opened the Voice ‘panel’ and adjusted microphone and default output to their default communications devices. Voice still would not function, so I tried un-checking, the re-checking the ‘enable voice’ checkbox. Radegast closes/crashes when disabling voice. Latest Radegast download, WIndows 10 64-bit, .NET 4.8 installed (with May 2020 Windows update)

Please a good and easy version for MAC!

/ June 4, 2020/ / 0 comments

I have years using Radegast and I love it so much, now my husband gift me a MAC and I love my Mac so much too, but I find the Mac version is very very hard to install and make it works and is very frustated and sad, Radegasts is the best light and text viewer SL, there isn’t any

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Can’t activate chatbot

/ May 22, 2020/ / 0 comments

i can’t activate the chatbot in the newest version. i tested on windows server 2012R2 (where my bots run) and on windows 10 from home to enterprise. therefore i use a very old version 🙁

Better Estate manage window

/ May 22, 2020/ / 0 comments

A better estate manage window like the sl viewer have would be nice to be able to ban ppl with radegast or change the settings of the sim

Using Radegast for BOTS (casperlet, group invite, chat bot)

/ May 18, 2020/ / 2 comments

Dear all, I am a BIG Radegast enthusiat and fan. I wish I could use only radegast for all my SL experience, but I am having trouble using it for my bots management. I absolutely HATE corrade – they are so criptic about everything ad they hate non expert users like myself. No support whatsoever and complicated setup. Anyway: if

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