Cannot Add/Detach Items in RLV folders

/ May 2, 2021/ / 0 comments

While using Radegast, I’m unable to have scripts attach/detach items in RLV folders. Example: I create a subfolder in my avatar’s RLV folder and name it +hat. I place the following script in a box: integer RLVChannel = 1; string Nickname = “an”; string RLVFolder = “+hat”; default { touch_start(integer total_number) { llSay(RLVChannel, Nickname + ” ” + RLVFolder); }

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Chat log location

/ April 30, 2021/ / 0 comments

Ability to store chat logs in a specific location other than the default one. For example being able to store in a folder location for cloud storage and access across platforms and machines.


/ April 4, 2021/ / 0 comments

Can clock be on down bar so it is visible above messages?

View/Write Profile Notes

/ March 29, 2021/ / 0 comments

On Firestorm when viewing an Avatar Profile you have the ability to write and save notes against that Avatar. ‘Profile Notes’ Would be great to have them available in Radegast

Command Line Options

/ March 12, 2021/ / 0 comments

i use this command always worked but after the update its not working anymore -l “location/–/–/–” am i doing something wrong?