Auto-logout timer

/ June 4, 2021/ / 0 comments

The old metabolt client (RIP) had one feature I always miss, and it’s the auto-logout timer; you could set it to automatically sign you out after a predetermined time, measured in minutes. Right now I have to set my whole PC to shut down with a timer, which is fine for me, until I want to have multiple accounts logged

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Dark Mode

/ May 27, 2021/ / 0 comments

Requesting feature to change between light mode and dark mode UI. Currently, it only has the default light mode UI.

RLV accept from chat channel

/ May 27, 2021/ / 0 comments

if rlv enabled someone say rlv command in local chat ex. @tpto:Seokcheon/100.007400/220.795200/50.777110=force execute command … super critical issue !

Making HUDS visible!

/ May 15, 2021/ / 0 comments

Hello, I use Ragedast often as a photography source for when I need to log 4 of me at the same time and hop poseballs and use HUDS. And this is really an awesome tool for that. But I would love if it could have access to view the HUDS. Even if in a separate tab. Our 3D scenes shows

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Cannot Add/Detach Items in RLV folders

/ May 2, 2021/ / 0 comments

While using Radegast, I’m unable to have scripts attach/detach items in RLV folders. Example: I create a subfolder in my avatar’s RLV folder and name it +hat. I place the following script in a box: integer RLVChannel = 1; string Nickname = “an”; string RLVFolder = “+hat”; default { touch_start(integer total_number) { llSay(RLVChannel, Nickname + ” ” + RLVFolder); }

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