Radegast 2.41 is released

Radegast 2.41 Released

Ok, here we go. I'm sorry about last release, you guys. A pretty dire bug cropped up from the HTTP rewrite and partly because Linden Lab does not document how their API actually works sometimes, just how they envision it would work before making it or something.

Anyway, announcing Radegast 2.41! Return of Reliable Teleporting! Thanks to some fine bug reporters, we caught it early and took care of it as fast as one person who does this in their spare time can. Chat logs were tinkered with a little to bring them closer in like with other viewers so they can share a common chat log directory. A bug with using passwords that contain non-ASCII characters was also fixed. That's all for now! Wanted to get a few fixes out. See you soon, a'ight? A'ight.

Download it here.