Radegast-ng is a lightweight client for the Second Life and OpenSimulator platforms.

With it’s full support for all communication within a virtual world (chat, instant messaging, group messaging, friends conference) it’s ideal for situations where full 3D client is unnecessary; For example, an office environment, too slow a machine, and similar. It has become a vital tool for those with disabilities. The program allows those who are blind to access Second Life and other virtual worlds using a screen reader.

Radegast-ng is written using LibreMetaverse, and it runs on any platform that supports .NET/mono.

Project Founder:

Latif Khalifa

Current Project Maintainer:

Cinder Roxley

Project Support Coordinator:

Celene Highwater

With Contributions By:

(hold on, I’m working on this)

Legacy Contributions By:

Douglas R. Miles
Mojito Sorbet
Robin Cornelius
Revolution Smythe

The Radegast Project was founded by Latif Khalifa, who sadly passed away in 2016. Radegast-ng is continued in his memory.