Radegast 2.33

Cinderblocks/ February 3, 2021/ releases/ 12 comments

Radegast 2.33 is now available for download. Due to unfortunate circumstances in my life, I was without a home and thus without a computer for several months in the last year, and it has taken me quite some time to dig out of the pandemic-fueled situation.

Thankfully for you, many volunteers have stepped up and offered code contributions while I was unable to work on Radegast. This release is a culmination of those efforts, and I would like to personally thank the contributors to both Radegast and LibreMetaverse for their efforts.

Changelist is as follows in no particular order:

This update wouldn’t be possible without these efforts. I, once again, have a computer and will be getting updates out at a much more regular interval. Remember to report any bugs on the bug tracker and continuing to support Radegast development by sharing your opinions and experiences with it!

Download here.

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  1. I wish you guys would put a more detailed whats changed.

    1. Since Radegast is open source software, our version control system tracks every commit and anyone can see the changes in detail on Github. https://github.com/cinderblocks/radegast/commits/master

  2. Thanks for your job! Take care.

  3. Cinderblocks can you by any chance help me mod/change the Alice bot to not respond to IM chat only to local chat. I have tried using RLV to prevent it but has not worked this far so I am asking the devs for help now

    1. That’s a good idea. I’ll see what I can do as time allows. ALICEbot needs some love.

  4. Is there any guides how to compile? I want to try to add some new features for automation.

    1. No, it’s a straightforward VS2019 solution based project, so a compile guide is not necessary.

  5. will there be a bakes on mesh update soon?

    1. What do you mean? Bake on mesh is server side functionality.

  6. I’m unable to have scripts attach/detach items in RLV folders. The most recent info I found on the topic was from 2018: https://github.com/radegastdev/radegast/issues/33
    The person that started the thread was able to gain access to their RLV folders. I wasn’t savvy enough to do the same. I hoped the latest update provided a solution. After installing and testing, I saw the RLV commands output in chat, but the items in the folders did not attach/detach.

  7. Pls add time to group notices and clock on lower bar as well.

  8. Thank you for your hard work, Cinder and contributors!

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