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Release 2.29 is now available for download on the Downloads page per my modus operandi.

This version includes several protocol updates and bugfixes. Baked on Mesh, extended texture entries, and Animated Mesh are now all supported on the protocol “under-the-hood” level with wider support coming in the future. 3D mode has not been updated to support baked on mesh yet. It doesn’t support several mesh features yet, so this should come as no surprise. 3D mode is not currently a top priority, but patches improving 3D support are very welcome. These protocol changes are important for stability and compatibility connecting to Second Life.

Universal type wearables are now supported. Avatar_lad and character files were updated to their most current versions.

Logins have been improved after a few reports of sign in problems. However, I cannot speak to specific issues because they were not filed in a bug report which makes it a great deal more cumbersome to track and updated. If you find a bug, please report it in our issue tracker. Doing so will improve the chances of your bugs being worked on.

Changes were made to the Touch behavior which will improve compatibility with scripted objects (such as Fish Hunt). Touch/Grab/DeGrab all now adhere to protocol from Second Life documentation. If you find a script no longer responds to your touch in 2.29, please have the script creator fix it following the guidelines found in the Second Life LSL scripting wiki. In the future, I hope to enable full texture coordinate touches in Object View and 3D mode in future releases.

Windows is still the primary target. Mac and Linux users can install using the Windows installer via Wine. The Linux/Mac tarball is still experimental and not guaranteed to work. Cross compatibility patches are welcome.

As always, bug reports can be filed on the bug tracker, and code contributions are welcome! I cannot stress enough how much I appreciate bug reports being filed on the issue tracker itself.

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  1. I am using Debian 9 and tried to install it using wine of the latest release. The only thing that is working is i am able to login. No attachments load, no 3d view (click on 3d view crashes radegast), Not able to do right click on avatar names to use any features at all. Right click opens the window with Profile, Teleport etc but on select anything from that window, it disappears and nothing happens. What am i missing besides wine on my Debian?

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