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The current supported method for fetching assets is now supported in 2.28. This is an update you will really want to do. It fixes missing functionality like playing inworld sounds and animations, viewing landmarks. You may also notice a little more “pep” when fetching textures and mesh.

Beside those changes, there are some minor fixes regarding command line arguments, and an OpenTK update. I have more in the works, but wanted to get this change out as soon as possible and as bug free as possible.

You can download the new version on the downloads page as usual.

As always, bug reports can be filed on theĀ bug tracker, andĀ code contributions are welcome! I cannot stress enough how much I appreciate bug reports being filed on the bug tracker itself.

Real quick, an explanation on the changes. Radegast (and the underlying LibreMetaverse library) were relying on simulator functionality that has been obsoleted by Linden Lab in Second Life for some time. This functionality has long bogged down the simulator doing work that a simulator shouldn’t really need to be doing. Simulators should run simulation, not host large amounts of data assets.

Recently, Linden Lab removed access to these obsolete transfer methods leaving any viewer that relied on them helpless to fetch assets. Radegast was affected, Singularity Release is affected, Lumiya is affected. 2.28 should bring us back into parity with supported protocols.


As I mentioned, the HTTP assets changes were made in the underlying LibreMetaverse library in version 1.3.2. LibreMetaverse is a fork of LibOpenMetaverse that seeks to be more active and performant than its predecessor and with the initial goal of Second Life compatibility, something LibOpenMetaverse has let slide. It can be found here: and is also available on NuGet.

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  1. Awesome comrade ! thank you for your hard work ! (:

  2. Still no 3D Scene for us Windows 10 users? Is that going to be fixed some day?

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