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Radegast 2.27 is now available for download. This release contains several bug fixes that have been reported in 2.25 and 2.26. Many thanks to those who have reported bugs!

This release also brings Radegast up to date with SecondLife Avatar Inventory Service v3. This protocol was deployed to Second Life a number of years ago, and Linden Lab issued a warning to developers that the older protocols would be removed at a later date. This deadline is coming up soon, so this was very important to implement.

Among the Inventory changes, a number of bugs have been fixed regarding changing outfits, creating links, copying inventory, multiple attachments, and the like. However, new issues may have been introduced. Bear in mind, you should be able to refresh an inventory folder if things do not look as they should. I went to great lengths to ensure none of the changes could result in destructive inventory loss.

Auto-sit should now work again as it should as well. More improvements are on the way for the next release, but I wanted to get this out and in your hands before too many more changes. The inventory changes and bug fixes have been top priority this go around.

Happy whatever-it-is you do in virtual worlds!

You can find the new release on the Downloads page.

As always, bug reports can be filed on the bug tracker, and code contributions are welcome!

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  1. It not donwloaing for me

  2. Best Radegast release in many years. I still haven’t seen a Changelog but I can tell from my tests that some long outstanding issues have been fixed. Good job!

  3. hi , thank you, but gestures no work , its say : “download failed” and outfits bug stills, no atttach all itens, and my avi look like cloud. =(

    1. You’ll need to wear one of each of these, put them in a folder and choose Replace Outfit or Add to Outfit: Hair(or hairbase), Eyes, Skin, and Shape. You need to add everything that is missing in one shot. Your inventory wearing issue should then be fixed. 2.27 will not allow you to change into an outfit missing those base layers which is why it’s failing for you right now. It does not allow you to go into this state, because of this, adding only one of the missing layers if multiple are missing will be disallowed.

      1. Thanks Cinderblocks for the great work !
        But I’m also having the gestures “Download Failed” issue (I’m on Linux x64)
        Actually it works on one of my machines, and not the other with the exact same executable. Is the gesture download depending on an external library ?
        The command line spits many
        Unrecognized caps exception from https://sim10125.agni.lindenlab.com:12043/cap/eabefb7a-a2e2-d2f8-53d6-534afbc58241: Error getting response stream (ReadDoneAsync2): ReceiveFailure
        13:09:49 [WARN]: – Unrecognized caps connection problem from https://sim10125.agni.lindenlab.com:12043/cap/eabefb7a-a2e2-d2f8-53d6-534afbc58241: 499

        And also

        13:09:49 [WARN]: – Transfer failed with status code Error

        It seems Landmarks fail to load details in the inventory too, maybe other items…

        1. Linden Lab has been changing the way assets are sent on the backend. Now that we have AISv3 support, I am working on the asset fetching changes and will release an update soonish to fix things like Landmarks which are no longer sent via LLUDP.

          1. It’s really cool to see how much effort you put into this !

            I’m not skilled enough to understand all the underlying process, aisV3, LLUDP, etc but how is it possible that the same Radegast build fetches Gestures fine on one machine (laptop) and fails on the other (desktop) ? One is Wifi, the other ethernet, could it be a speed condition issue, or do I have to look for a missing networking package on my desktop ?

            Thanks !

          2. The network operation that retrieving gestures makes is far from ideal. In a perfect world, Linden Lab would add the capability to retrieve the bulk of gestures in one network request. In reality, the way it is done is more of a shotgun method firing off individual requests at once, and yes, wifi does have an affect on gesture fetch’s success. This may have been improved with HTTP fetching, but we shall see when I have it working.

          3. Gestures should now be working in 2.28

  4. I’m really happy to see that work is continuing on libomv! Thank you!

    One question, I’m having the cloud-avatar issue on a local opensim instance. I’ve tried wearing the shape, skin, eyes, hair, even modifying them a bit. Any clue how to get it working? I’ve compiled opensim from latest git.

    1. Radegast does’t create the COF file structure like other viewers do. Try logging in with another viewer, and then with Radegast after the initial inventory skeleton has been generated.

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