Radegast 2.26

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I have been excited to see people come together to help support Radegast over the weekend! So excited, I put together a new release. This is more of a maintenance release than a full release.

Several bugs are fixed, such as command line argument parsing and help links. Many dependent libraries have been updated to their latest releases which should make 3D slightly more stable. Work in still in progress over some of the outstanding bugs and Inventory APIv3 compatibility. No new shiny in this release, but stability is good!

You can find the new release on the Downloads page.

As always, bug reports can be filed on the bug tracker, and code contributions are welcome!

As an aside, website upgrade maintenance will be performed June 15 and 16, as such, the website, upgrade system, and crash analysis may not be accessible at times.

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  1. The “-no-sound” command line argument seems to prevent Radegast from loading in this new release.

    I don’t see a current list of command line arguments among the documentation, so I can’t tell if this is a desired behavior, no longer supported, or a bug.

      1. “–no-sound” works with two hyphens. Thank you.

    1. Added list of available command line arguments under Documentation: https://radegast.life/documentation/command-line-options/

  2. Where can I get information on how to create plugins for radegast?

  3. Radegast seems to have a bug with sim crossings while the avatar is sitting on a vehicle. I haven’t had a chance to test this as the first seated avatar, but as a “passenger” the avatar gets left at the sim crossing. I have tested with avatars on FS and the regular SL viewer and haven’t experienced the issue. It’s not a major issue for me, but might be something looking into.

    1. Crossing neighbor sims has never been supported in Radegast due to libomv’s lack of neighbor support. This is planned, but it takes a great deal of work to implement and there are many other things of higher priority.

      1. I sure hope it gets implemented at some point.. Being able to cross sim borders will make radegast so much more useful. For example I do review videos for second life aircraft and like to have several avatars sitting on the plane during shoots, I also like to have my “plane sitter” or “boat sitter” avatar with me so I can leave the aircraft or boat without having it returned to me. having to teleport the bot to my vehicle every time is a hassle

  4. radegast had a really useful feature
    had the option of deleting an username from the login list of the viewer with a click of a button but that feature was removed in all the available versions in the downloads page

    why deleting a thing that is useful and everyone needs it?

    1. I didn’t remove it, but it sure does sound like a good thing to have. Being able to manage that list would be great.

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