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Site will be available again soon with downloads. Thank you for your patience.

Expounding on what happened a bit. Our website was hacked and the database was damaged resulting in a major loss of content for the site. As it was mainly release notes, I did not bother recovering the old posts. Documentation and downloads should be functional again. Whew!

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  1. Glad to see radegast is still being supported,
    it’s not clear but seems the latest version is only 64bit ?

  2. O I see it is a 32bit application but it will only run on a 64bit OS if i try to run it on a 33bit os like XP it says :- Radagast.exe is not a valid Win32-application.

  3. Hi, does it work on mac?

  4. When I tried to install the Extra Voice Pack for the Radegast 2.25 version, this one can’t to install, fail because say the Http Address not found.

    How can I install the extra voice pack to use my voice in chat?.

  5. I tried to see if you had updated since oh january or december, and it threw an error I see you posted about what appears to be a data loss. I wish i could assist you. but I can’t

  6. how long till this site is back up?

  7. Cinder’s E-mail is dead so I guess I’m pasting this dumb letter to this public place that makes me look like an idiot. Hopefully it’ll end up helping someone else, if it gets an answer! —-

    I’m really sorry to bother you with this, you’re obviously very busy and productive, but I’ve looked everywhere to fix a problem I’m having with Radegast and I’m seeing people who’ve had it, but no answers any time they asked. SO I FIGURED compiling it myself would have a good chance at making it work better on my machine!

    …Only, I’m too stupid to do this without a real helpful readme, apparently. I’m on a fresh Ubuntu install, I have mono-dev (and everything else Mono) and running the tells me to run xbuild next, only that tells me it can’t find whatever. Nant doesn’t even try, the MAKEFILE one folder down has two screens’ worth of NO RULE FOR TARGET errors, and dozens of other goodies.

    Can you tell a genuine idiot what she needs to install, then run, to compile? Or, alternatively, if anyone’s figured out what to do for the people where clicking the friends list does nothing whatsoever, that?

  8. I’m not sure if my comment even went through, but after about six hours of trying this today, I found out my problem by using the Travis-CI log. My Mono and Nugets, fresh from Apt, were still older versions. It now compiles and runs, but the version I made won’t connect to Second Life. I give up. Why can’t I open the friends list in the real version? The Media tab works in the one I compiled—that doesn’t open in the pre-compiled download. I’ve got that going for me.

  9. I am so glad this is being supported, it is a very good client.

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