Radegast 2.25 Release

cinderblocks/ October 25, 2017/ Release Notes/ 2 comments

Radegast 2.25 has been released! The majority of this update contains improvements made “under the hood” that you likely won’t notice, but they are improvements none-the-less. I was made aware of a bug in the 2.24 release on our bug tracker and a solution to the issue (in most cases at least.) Where HUDs and 3D mode were not working due to a missing file. This has been fixed, so you will want to update!

This update also fixes the updater! Previously, the updater used an insecure HTTP connection. It now uses a secure connection with the downside of breaking the updater in older versions.

As requested, teleports will not play a sound (different sound for success and failure on teleport.)

Finally, this update brings Radegast and LibreMetaverse into .NET Standard 2.0 compliance. What does this mean to you? Probably not much right now. You may need to install the newer Windows SDK, and on Linux, you will need at least Mono 5.1.0 or newer to run Radegast. This may seem like an inconvenience right now, but this greatly simplifies future cross-platform development and will make Linux (and eventually Mac) first class platforms for Radegast as they should be.

As always, I love bug reports so file them when you see them! I have much more planned for the next release, but I have been swamped with my day job. As always, you can fine but reports on our Issue Tracker, and you can find help from fellow users inworld in the Radegast group.

Download version 2.25 here!


  1. I’m sure you meant ‘file bug’ rather than ‘fine but’ in the last line of your release description. lol

  2. I was wondering what combination of run-time options will lead to as little memory use as possible – I don’t need any X windows at all (I’m using Xdummy as a display) or operator intervention (I’m running an automated avatar).

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