Radegast 2.24 Release

cinderblocks/ July 15, 2017/ Release Notes/ 6 comments

Greetings and salutations,

I are pleased to present to you Radegast-ng 2.24 which comes with it several updates and fixes by myself and nooperation. First and foremost, this release comes with a tarball that can be used on non-Windows platforms, i.e. Linux! I have not tested it on Linux, but it would be lovely if you would, and if you find any issues with it, we love hearing about those bugs over on our Issue Tracker. I’ve tried to keep bug reporting requirements to a minimum, this ain’t no JIRA, but the more detailed information you can give the easier it makes fixing it.

So Linux, good yes, make sure you have a recent version of mono installed 4.6.x or newer and the latest patchset, please! MacOS, well… it will run if you put a lot of effort into configuring Mono and Xquartz to properly handle WinForms. This is probably well over your head, but WinForms is poorly supported on MacOS. Stay tuned! I haven’t forgotten about you, I’m a Mac user myself, but some things take a lot more time than others to fix.

We’ve added a few requests in this release as well. There is now a small ‘pop’ sound when a blue box notification opens. This is good news for our visually-impaired friends as they now get the notification. The plugins manager has been completely refactored by nooperation. You will probably not notice any difference here, but it is a good thing. Yes, indeed! nooperation also brings us the ability to trigger gestures from nearby chat. No more digging through inventory to manually activate them, you can do it just as you would on the Linden client. Huzzah, and finally, this version brings us up to date with multilayer wearables. Introduced in 2008, this allowed Second Lifers the ability to wear multiple layers of shirts, jackets, pants, and all without replacing the currently worn articles. Layer up those alphas and jackets, fashionistas! Your time has come!

We truly hope you enjoy this release, and just to reiterate, if you find any issues or need help, you can file those bugs and help requests on our Issue Tracker, and get help from fellow users inworld in the Radegast group.

Download it here!

P.S. Check out the neat Radegast HQ now inworld at Hippo Hollow.


  1. Fingers crossed you can get the mac version working, Currently using wine to get it working >.< would prefer notifications from the viewer in mac notifications 🙂

    Keep it up!!

    1. I use a Mac and I don’t know what file to open. It wiped the files in a folder and now theres a bunch of folders in one large folder. Can you please help me open it? I really want to play this game but don’t have a windows computer only have a Mac.

      1. Your best shot is to use something like Crossover for Mac or Wine and install via the Windows Installer. Here’s a guide to setting that up: http://www.addictivetips.com/mac-os/how-to-run-windows-applications-on-mac-with-wine/

        If you want to run it natively, you either need to download something like Extractor from the App Store to expand the tarball or expand it using the tar command from Terminal. You also then need to install Xquartz and Mono. If all this is above your head, please try following the instructions in the guide referenced above to run via Wine.

        1. Thanks
          Here the instructions that worked for me for the installation with Crossover on a Mac:

          – Install .NET 4.5.2 on a Windows XP (32b) bottle using the Crossover app selection. – Install the Radegast installer with the .NET checkbox unchecked on the created bottle.

          Enjoy the app.

  2. Thanks for those instructions. I’m also using a Mac and have the same issue with the multiplying folders, lol! But I’ll work on this some more tomorrow. I’m so excited to start playing around in SL, not only because I’m a geek but because I’m told it’ll help out somewhat with my independent travel skills. Thanks for taking over Radegast development.

  3. 3D viewer is not showing anything, using a laptop with latest windows version.
    everything else working nice


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