Radegast 2.22.0 Release

cinderblocks/ May 17, 2017/ Release Notes/ 4 comments

Greetings greetings,

I am pleased to present Radegast 2.22.0 Release for Windows and wish to welcome you to our new website. Things are still being setup while we are moving into it. I have not been able to find anyone with access to the old site in order for me to transfer everything over, so this is what you get. Someone has kindly volunteered to move the wiki over (which can be found here.) In the mean time, the user guide and whatnot can still he found at http://radegast.org/ where it has always been. I hope my maintainership over this project will be found as useful, and I welcome any contributions and volunteer efforts to make it even better.

A note on Linux and MacOS

So far, any updates have been Windows-based. This has allowed me to roll with the punches and familiarize myself with the codebase without getting mono too much in the mix. The roadmap for other platforms is as follows:

  1. Update LibreMetaverse to be compliant with .NET Core
  2. Update Radegast to be compliant with .NET Core
  3. Begin packaging .deb releases for Linux
  4. Begin packaging installers for MacOS
  5. Bring speech support to Linux and MacOS

On to the release notes!

In this release:

  • Updated to OpenTK 3.0.0-pre nuget
  • New build system
  • Fix Give Inventory menu item for screen readers
  • Updated to VS2017 .NET 4.5
  • Many bug fixes
  • Update base system to LibreMetaverse 1.4.40


  • RLV updates
  • Second Life Enhanced Skeleton Support (Project Bento)
  • Branding changes
  • Update to FMODStudio 1.08
  • Update SLVoice files
  • Swap base system to LibreMetaverse
  • Many bug fixes


  • Auto-updater does not currently work. Updates must be downloaded and installed manually.
  • 3D view may or may not work on Linux or MacOS and is still considered experimental under Windows


  1. Any chance of an iOS version? Pocket Metaverse is broken these days, and even a text client would be most welcome.

  2. Where is the version for MacOS?

  3. any chance of recover the 3d view as it worked in the v2.18-v.2.19 in the linux version? also I couldn’t get voice working, how do I setup that?

    1. Have you tried the newer versions like 2.25? 3D view is not currently first priority, but I would like it to work for everyone and do plan on eventually getting to it. If you can, leave a detailed bug report stating what issues you are having. That makes it easier for me to work with it.

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